Videos / March 2, 2017

Day 2: Creation

Today’s Scripture passage is Genesis chapters 1-2 and John 1:1-3, 14.  Please watch this 10 minute devotional as we ponder and worship our creative and powerful God.

Here are some other resources to help you reflect on the majesty of God’s creativity:
Powers of 10” is a short film that gives perspective on the size and detail of all God made.

The Hubble Telescope Ultra Deep Field project also gives context to the astounding size of the universe.  Watch the 4 1/2 minute video, especially the last 90 seconds.

Want some perspective on our place in the universe?  This mind-blowing video shows just how small we are.  It ends by reminding us we are not the center of the universe.  Yet, God made you a priority by send his Son to rescue you from death!

And here is a 5 minute video from Eric Metaxas titled “Does Science Argue For or Against God?

May you be blessed by your time in God’s Word today!

Day 2: Creation

Day 2: Creation

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Jean Fisher


Mar 06, 2014

Jean! I am loving your Easter Tree devotionals!!
The words, the art, the ornaments are incredible!!

When you publish your artwork into a book, I want a signed copy.
I will be first to pre-order!

I am so proud of you!
Much love,

Mar 06, 2014


I think there will be a good intentioned fight over who gets the first copy of your book when it comes out!! :-)

Love the expression of “bang” in your artwork and love meeting with you “face-to-face” on this journey. :-). Love your rockin’, hip gestures, too! :-)

May you be overflowing with JOY from the Spirit as you press on blessing us each day!

Much love,

Mar 08, 2014

Hey Jean,
This is a wonderful gift you’ve given to all of us. By the way, I don’t think “sinnerness” is a word (LOL!).
Big hugs,

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