Videos / March 25, 2017

Day 25: Prophets

Today’s Scripture is chosen from the Books of the Prophets

What role did the prophets play in the history of Israel, and how does this impact us today?

Selected stories:

Elijah- the widow of Zarephath: I Kings 17:8-16
Elijah- the prophets of Baal: I Kings 18
Elijah taken up to heaven: 2 Kings 2
Elisha- Naaman healed of leprosy: 2 Kings 5:1-14
Isaiah- in the Temple of the Lord: Isaiah 6
Ezekiel- Valley of Dry Bones: Ezekiel 37
Jonah: Book of Jonah

Please choose one or more of these stories, or any from the Prophets, and ponder God’s method of speaking His words through humans.  Spend time today thanking God for sending The Prophet, Jesus, whose every word can be trusted as coming directly from the mouth of the Father.

Another great resources when thinking about the time of the Judges and the Prophets is a sermon series from The Summit Church in Durham, NC.  Check out the series and all associated resources here:  Broken Saviors

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