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Ornament DIY: Day 16


Yellow Sculpey Clay (or any kind of oven-bake clay)

Red Sculpey Clay

Thin carving tool (or anything pointy!)


Hot glue gun




  • Mold the Yellow Sculpey Clay into a rectangle (the body of the ark) and two thin, long sticks.

  • Wrap the two sticks around the top and bottom borders of the rectangle.

  • Use the carving tool to indent designs into the top and bottom borders.

  • Smear a small bit of the Red Sculpey Clay onto the top middle of the rectangle.

  • Use the Yellow Sculpey Clay to form a hook on the top of the rectangle, one the monofilament can thread through to make the ornament tie.

  • Mold two angel wings with the Yellow Sculpey Clay and use pliers to create a design on the wings. 

  • Wrap the angel wings around the hook.

  • Mold the Yellow Sculpey Clay into two sticks - the two carriers for the ark.

  • Bake the body of the ark and the two sticks according to the instructions on the Sculpey Clay package.

  • Let cool.

  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the two sticks to the sides of the rectangle/ark.

  • Thread the monofilament through the hook on the top of the ark and tie the ends together to make the loop from which the ornament will hang.

Read the Scripture reference and watch the Daily Devotional Video for today!

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