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Day 17: Moses' Last Words

Deuteronomy 4-12

Ornament: Heart

A few years ago, a professor who knew he had a terminal illness delivered his “Last Lecture” and it swept the nation, became a best-selling book, and led to numerous media appearances.  His speech contained some good advice on how to achieve what you want in life, but it was based largely on his own experiences.  Here, in Deuteronomy, we have the privilege of hearing the “Last Lecture” from a man who saw the face of God and spoke to Him directly.  The timeless wisdom found in these words won’t just help you achieve your dreams; these words have the power to transform you.

Parents and grandparents, Visionary Parenting is an excellent resource to help you answer the vital call in Deuteronomy 6.


Some other great resources for parents/personal study include:


Let’s ponder these final words from Moses together.


Resources referenced:

"Reproducible Maps, Charts, Timelines and Illustrations" - by Gospel Light

Other helpful resources:

"I Need a New Moses" JD Greear (April 10, 2016) Deuteronomy 18:15-17

"Fear or Faith" Jason Gaston (April 3, 2016) Numbers 13-14

"Painting Pictures of Egypt" - song by Sara Groves

Click here for a DIY Day 17 Ornament Tutorial!

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