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Ornament DIY: Day 18


Silver Sculpey Clay

Thin carving tool (or anything pointy!)


Hot glue gun

Tiny print of Joshua 1:9

Optional clear shield-shaped sticker




  • Use the Silver Sculpey Clay to form the shape of a thin, flat shield.

  • Use the scissors to cut the borders to smooth them out.  

  • Use the thin carving tool to poke a hole into the top of the shield.

  • Bake the clay shield according to the instructions on the back of the Sculpey Clay packaging.

  • Use the hot glue gun to stick the tiny print of Joshua 1:9 onto the face of the shield.

  • Stick the optional clear shield-shaped sticker onto the face of the shield.

  • Thread the monofilament through the hole on the shield and tie the ends.

Read the Scripture reference and watch the Daily Devotional Video for today!

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