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Day 38: Feeding the 5,000

Matthew 14:13-21

Mark 6:30-44

Luke 9:10-17

John 6:1-15

Ornament: 2 Fish & 5 Loaves

This is one of the few stories mentioned in all 4  gospels.  There are many important lessons here.
The Passover is mentioned in this passage- why is that significant?

Were there really 5000 people?  Or were there more?

Watch today’s video devotional and refelct on Jesus’ compassion for the hungry.
We may not all be physically hungry, but we are all spiritually and Jesus is here to feed us!

Other helpful resources:

"Why You Should Be Scared of Jesus" J.D. Greear (September 11, 2016) Mark 4:35-41

Click here for a DIY Day 38 Ornament Tutorial!

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