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Day 4: Noah and the Flood

Genesis 6-9

Ornament: Animals/Ark

Today we will study the account of the Great Flood.
How is Jesus like a big boat?  Watch this 10 minute devotional to find out!
Follow this link for a short bonus video about the construction of the ark itself.


Here is an excellent sermon about the flood: “Failed Reboot” by pastor J.D. Greear at The Summit Church in Durham, NC.

In this sermon Pastor Greear explains that the “bow” God places in the sky is not what we may think.  The word for “bow” here is the weapon, as in “bow and arrow.”  The implication is that God has laid down his weapon, placing it in the sky, when he promises never to flood the earth again.  The bow, from our perspective, is pointing at the sky, back at God, pointing to his ultimate answer for judging human sin and rebellion.  He will take the punishment himself, when his Son Jesus bears the cost of sin through his death on the cross.  WOW!

Additional resources you may find helpful:

The True Story of Noah’s Ark by Tom Dooley
Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box by Tim Lovett
The Reformation Study Bible R.C. Sproul, editor, Ligonier Ministries
ESV Children’s Bible, Crossway Publishers

The classic Jars of Clay song “Flood” came to mind when studying this passage- add it to your music library if you don’t already own it.

Click here for a DIY Day 4 Ornament Tutorial!

Bonus material!

This 3 minute clip shares some additional resources on Noah’s Ark.

Parents may find them useful in helping children visualize the Biblical dimensions of the ark.
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