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Day 40: Jesus Anointed

Matthew 26:6-13

Mark 14:3-9

Luke 7:36-50

John 12:1-8

Ornament: Perfume Jar

Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Passion Week.  Tomorrow we will look at Jesus’ triumphal entry in Jerusalem.  Today, we will reflect on his anointing by Mary, which occurred just before Jesus entered Jerusalem for his final days on earth.

Does the amount you are giving to the Lord reflect his worth?  Jesus did not hold back his gift of life- he gave his all, even to death, so that you and I can have unrestricted relationship with him.  Are you giving to him in such a way that reflects his worth?

Let’s be inspired by Mary’s example of pure affection and sacrifice for our Lord- he is worth it!

Other helpful resources:

"Shortcut to Disaster" J.D. Greear (August 28, 2016) Matthew 4:1-11

"God's Miraculous Love Letter" JD Greear (June 12, 2016) Isaiah 52-53

"That's My King" Dr. S.M. Lockridge

Click here for a DIY Day 40 Ornament Tutorial!

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