Ornament DIY: Day 43


Circle wood base


Miniature plastic cup

Red nail polish

Brown Sculpey clay

Hot glue gun




  • Roll the brown Sculpey clay into a ball and flatten it to create a circular flatbread shape.

  • Bake the clay according to the instructions on the Sculpey package.

  • Use a screwdriver to drill a hole near the edge of the circular wood base.

  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the baked clay to the circular wood base.

  • Use the the hot glue gun to attach the miniature plastic cup to the base, as well.

  • Paint the inside of the plastic cup with the red nail polish to make the appearance of wine.

  • String the monofilament through the hole in the circular wood base.

Read the Scripture reference and watch the Daily Devotional Video for today!

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