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Day 8: Jacob and Esau

Genesis 25-28

Ornament: Pacifiers/Babies

Today’s 14-minute video devotional will take you through some of the highlights of the passage.  Please pause and read the references as you follow along.
Family dynamics often reveal so much about our character, don’t they?
The intriguing story of Jacob, Esau, and their parents is rich with examples of both positive and negative relational patterns. You may want to read today’s passage and ponder this question: “Who am I most like in this story?”

Today we will have the chance to consider what in our lives we might not be surrendering to God. As always, God redeems the story of these imperfect people and accomplishes His purposes through them, just as He can, and does, with us.

Other helpful resources:

"The Search for One, True Love" JD Greear (Feb 28, 2016) Genesis 27-30

Click here for a DIY Day 8 Ornament Tutorial!

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