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The Easter Tree is a wonderful story, emphasizing God's covenant promise which are so often neglected. And the colorful illustrations are like a tapestry of the message you've given in print.

R.C. Sproul, Founder and Chairman of Ligonier Ministries

As a pastor, I seek out the best materials when preparing to lead my people. My most important pastoral ministry is with my family, and this resource is so helpful in teaching my kids the story of the Bible. And while Christmas resources abound, those for Easter, arguably the greater holiday, are less so. The stories are perfectly chosen, the narrative compelling and the illustrations are fabulous; a true work of art on all fronts. Anyone who wants Christ and his generosity to be the centerpiece of their home should obtain and use The Easter Tree.


J.D. Greear (@jdgreear) Lead pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, NC


62nd President of the Southern Baptist Convention
Author, Gaining By Losing and Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary


This is a one of a kind book. I have reviewed dozens of resources for children which seek to share the big truths and overarching history of God’s plan to save His children. The Easter Tree is unique! The Scriptures are life-changing. The illustrations are not simply pictures. You will find works of art on every page; intricate art filled with lessons and wonder. The Scriptures, the illustrations, and the writing will help your kids (and you) catch a fresh vision of the greatness of God and His love for us.  We are eager to use this book with our seven children this Easter!


Rob Rienow (@visionaryfam) Executive Director, Visionary Family Ministries


Author, Visionary Parenting and God’s Grand Vision for the Home


In The Easter Tree, Jean Fisher provides children with a whole world of scripture to explore.  This is a book that your child will read not just once, but a hundred times, first for the beautiful illustrations, then for the story of salvation, noticing new details and learning new things each time.  Young children will enjoy The Easter Tree as a beautiful and engrossing picture book, but Fisher refuses to hold back the riches of the Gospel, seasoning the visual story with an abundance of theological keywords and scripture citations that make The Easter Tree a treasure trove of Christianity for all ages.


Karen Milco, Executive Director, Slipstream International, Chicago


Jean Fisher’s The Easter Tree thoughtfully and artistically prepares one to understand the reality of the resurrection of Jesus. It is a fifty day journey worth taking! 


David R. Helm, Lead Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Chicago


Author, The Big Picture Story Bible


What an amazing book!  Jean Fisher uses her artistic gifts to teach and inspire others to delight in the beauty of the Gospel. With its superb illustrations and attention to detail, each page will renew your affections for the Bible and help you trace the story of Christ with fresh eyes.


Paul Bang, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Ministry, Fairfax, VA

The Bible’s grand story of redemption, which spans Genesis to Revelation and centers on Jesus Christ, is both compelling and life-giving. It’s a story that needs to be rehearsed again and again, to young and old alike. That’s why I’m delighted to see my friend Jean Fisher’s outstanding book, The Easter Tree, which does just that. Seldom do you find such rich biblical theology clothed in accessible language and beautiful artwork. This is a treasure for families and individuals, churches and pastors, indeed anyone who is eager to see Scripture shape their worship and devotion. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Todd A. Wilson (@toddadamswilson) Senior Pastor, Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park, IL


Author, Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith


Jean Fisher’s remarkable labor of love draws me in as I pour over the rich pages of art and Scripture and marvel at God’s redemptive plan and unspeakable love.  It would take a lifetime to plumb the depths of the riches in Christ Jean has highlighted in The Easter Tree.  This book ministers to my heart, mind, and soul.  I look forward to using this resource with my grandchildren.


Debbie Birkey, Hope International

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