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Ornament DIY: Day 10


Rainbow ribbon

Hot glue gun





  • Cut three pieces of ribbon:

    • Long Piece 1/Long Piece 2 = approximately 4 1/4 inches = the body

    • Short Piece approximately 3 3/4 inches long = the sleeves

depending on how long and wide you would like your coat.

  • Place Short Piece slightly to the right, in the center of Long Piece 1.

  • Fold Long Piece 1 in half, so both edges are lined up.

  • Place Short Piece into the center fold of Long Piece 1, use the hot glue gun to secure it.

  • Use the hot glue gun to secure the rest of Long Piece 1.

  • Take Long Piece 2 and fold it across Short Piece, so it mirrors Long Piece 1.

  • Use the hot glue gun to secure the rest of Long Piece 2.

  • Use a lighter to very lightly melt the edges of the ribbon, so it doesn't fray.

  • Between Long Piece 1 and Long Piece 2, poke a hole into Short Piece.

  • String the monofilament through the hole and tie the ends together to make the loop from which your ornament will hang from.


Don't forget to watch the daily video and the optional bonus video for today!

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