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Day 14: Miracles in the Desert

Exodus 14-17

Ornament: Staff with Manna & Quail

Today we will study the miracles God performed to preserve His people in the wilderness.

Do you ever wish you could go back to the old days?  Do you imagine those days to be full of peace and plenty, in comparison with your struggles today?  That is exactly how the people of Israel felt in the wilderness.  In their minds, the familiarity of slavery was better than having to depend on God for the unknowns.  Don’t we feel the same way sometimes?

The answer to these feelings is to rest in God’s “Hesed” – His steadfast love for His people.  We see many examples of Hesed in these chapters.  Learn more about this important word in today’s video lesson.

Sara Groves’ song Painting Pictures of Egypt offers a poignant look at our tendency to prefer slavery to anything over freedom in Christ.  I encourage you to listen and ponder.  You can also purchase and download for your personal music library on iTunes.

Click here for a DIY Day 14 Ornament Tutorial!

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