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Day 15: Ten Commandments

Exodus 19-20

Ornament: Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments express God’s character in the form of His laws.  Yet, we have all broken these laws.  So what hope do we have?  Watch today’s 15-min video to reflect on the hope available to us.

Do you live as a child of God, or an orphan?  In today’s video we will talk about the #OrphanMentality – how we all fall into it, and how to avoid it.  For more on the idea of living as sons and daughters instead of spiritual orphans, and for the chart referenced in today’s video, go through the World Harvest Mission's study, Sonship.

Resources referenced in today’s video:

"Exodus" - Brian Wildsmith

"The Ten Commandments" - Live Action, DVD

"The Ten Commandments" - Animated, DVD

Other helpful resources:

"Great Failure, Greater Hope - The 10 Commandments" JD Greear (March 27, 2016) Exodus 20:1-10, Numbers 21:4-9

Click here for a DIY Day 15 Ornament Tutorial!

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