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Ornament DIY: Day 22


Brown string

Craft leather

Silver Sculpey Clay


Hot glue gun

Stick (from outside) that's shaped like a sling




  • Use the silver Sculpey clay to create a small stone. Bake the stone as instructed on the Sculpey packaging. Or use a small pebble from outside.

  • Cut a small circle out of the craft leather.

  • Cut some string and, using the hot glue gun, attach it to the inside of the leather circle.

  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the silver Sculpey stone to the inside of the leather circle, on top of the string.

  • Tie one end of the string to one side of the sling-shaped stick, and the other end of the strong to the other side, to make a sling. Use the hot glue gun to secure the string as necessary.

  • Secure the monofilament around one side of the stick, then tie the two loose ends together to form our ornament loop.


Read the Scripture reference and watch the Daily Devotional Video for today!

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