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Ornament DIY: Day 34


Black Sculpey Clay

Red Sculpey Clay

Thin carving tool (or anything pointy)





  • Roll the black Sculpey clay into a long, thick line with two thicker, circular ends (the snake heads).

  • Shape the rolled clay so it forms a double-headed snake, with the middle curled so it forms an arch between the two heads.

  • Gently press the snake together so the necks stick to the arched center and the natural curves on either side of the center arch, forming an enclosed loop and better securing the snake.  

  • Use the scissors to make slits on both ends of the snake, forming the mouths.

  • Use the thin carving tool to poke shallow holes to form eyes.

  • Roll two tiny balls with the red Sculpey clay and press them into the shallow holes. Now you have red eyes.

  • Form two tiny, flat tongues with the red Sculpey Clay. Use the scissors to cut slits on one side, making a forked tongue.

  • Pinch the other end of the tongue to make it a point, then use the thin carving tool to press it into the mouth.

  • Bake the snake according to the instructions on the Sculpey packaging.

  • String the monofilament through the enclosed arched center loop and tie the ends together.

Read the Scripture reference and watch the Daily Devotional Video for today!

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