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Day 50: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Revelation 19-22

Ornament: Table Setting

The Book of Revelation can be intimidating, but it can also be encouraging and reassuring,  The promises in Revelation are tremendous and we will study many of them today.  God wants relationship with His people, and nowhere is this more clear than Revelation.


Sermon resources:

The UnveilingJ.D. Greear (Dec 4, 2016) Revelation 1, 17-18


We made it!  Today is our last day of the Easter Tree!  Congratulations!  It’s with mixed emotions that we put away our tree every year- satisfied in completing another study, but missing the nightly ritual.  Don’t let it stop here!  Continue to meet God in his Word and through prayer.  He desires this time with you, and your soul needs it!  Feel free to re-visit the lessons on your own schedule as well.  We’re not going anywhere!  

The church is known as the “Bride of Christ”

The Bride by LeCrae is one our favorites.

Click here for a DIY Day 50 Ornament Tutorial!

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