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Day 21: Israel Demands a King

1 Samuel 8

Ornament: Coat of Arms

Who is your King?  We know that the “right” answer is God, but do we put ourselves under the rule of other, lesser kings?  Do we look around and wish our situation was more like someone else’s?  This is exactly what Israel does at the beginning of the book of I Samuel.  We have much to learn as we ponder this story.

We also meet Hannah and Samuel, two figures who display faith in God in the midst of difficult circumstances.  May you be inspired by their example.

A lyric in the famous hymn “Come Thou Fount” references Samuel raising his “Ebenezer” or “stone of hope.”  The hymn also speaks to our tendency to wander away from our true King and asks Him to take our heart and seal it for His courts.  Many versions of this hymn exist- listen to your favorite today, or listen to this version by Fernando Ortega.  Also available for download on iTunes.

Click here for a DIY Day 21 Ornament Tutorial!

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