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Day 30: The Annunciation

Luke 1

Ornament: Angel

We’ve made it to the New Testament!  God is doing a new thing.  He would not stay silent forever.  The angels have come to proclaim the good news that The Word will be made flesh.

Very few announcements in history have their own name.  The Annunciation could also be known as “THE Announcement”-  the greatest announcement in the history of humankind.  God is about to send a Savior, His Son Jesus.  What could be greater than that?


How do we respond when God gives us a sign that He is about to do something great, or give us something we’ve wanted, or reverse our misfortune?  Are we more like Zechariah, questioning the plan, or telling Him why it’s probably not possible?  Or are we more like Mary, humbly trusting His plan and rejoicing in it?  Ponder this as you read today’s passage.

Other helpful resources:

"When the Expected Happens in an Unexpected Way" J.D. Greear (August 14, 2016) Matthew 1:1-17

Click here for a DIY Day 30 Ornament Tutorial!

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